What To Book 

Book Therapeutic Bodywork if you:

    • Have a specific issue or chronic condition
    • Have an injury or are post-surgery
    • Have a sport-specific concern
    • Feel like you are compensating or are out of balance.
    • Are curious about muscle testing
    • Want to try yoga as an assessment and corrective.
    • 45-60-minute appointments are a good place to start

Book Relaxation/4-Sided Massage if you:

    • Want to chill out and unwind
    • Are recovering from or in training for an event
    • Have never experienced massage on four sides of the body
    • Want a fantastic gift idea for someone
    • 75-90-minute sessions are best. 

I still don’t know what to book…  

    • Book a hour appointment of either and after a short consultation at the start of the session, a treatment will be decided. Bring loose-fitting clothing. 

What does each session look like?

  • 4-sided Relaxation Massage

    • Clients receive work in four positions: side-lying left and right, supine, and prone. You will move three times and be bolstered/draped the entire time. 

    • Clients are either undressed and fully draped; or in shorts/gym clothes and not draped

    • Areas such as the ribs, hip abductors/rotators, IT Band, lateral lower leg, hip abductors, and shoulder abductors get more attention than usual given their easy accessibiilty while youre on your side.  

  • Bodywork & Mobility

    • Clients experience range of motion/ gait/ postural assessments and manual muscle testing.

    • As Ashleigh begins to assess your dysfunctional musculo-fascial patterns, shes uses myofascial release, yoga, movement, and props to correct them. 

    • You will move a lot, do not expect to relax or shut your brain off during this session.

    • Corrective homework will be assigned for self care and to teach your body the correct way to be moving, breathing and activating muscles.