“Absolutely fantastic!!! Ashleigh is very professional and is able to work every muscle that needs attention. Ashleigh uses a variety of methods to provide a fantastic therapeutic massage.”
- Sharon Ames 

“Ashleigh was an integral part of our staff at BU. Her bodywork helped to keep us on the ice and have us at our best on Friday and Saturday!”
- Charlie McAvoy, Boston Bruins

    "Ashleigh's experience in massage therapy and bodywork was evident with her ability to improve my recovery while playing hockey for BU. Ashleigh helped me as goaltender to remain strong and flexible while keeping tightness and inflammation from affecting my performance. Ashleigh's skill and techniques allowed me to play pain and injury free in my last season at Boston University and thanks to her regular work I was able to elevate my game to its highest level.”
    -Matt O’Connor, Goaltender, Nashville Predator/ Wheeling Nailers

    “Ashleigh is a great person to work with and she really cares about her patients. I know for me to be able to keep playing, and having my body where it needs to be on the ice, I needed the all the body work I could get. I am thankful for Ashleigh, and her patience with me to get my body where it needed to be to have success on the ice. As our bodies age, they need more attention, and body work was the attention mine needed to keep playing. Thanks for everything Ashleigh!"
    - Anthony Moccia, Goaltender, Boston University

    “In (7) years as a client, I have always been made right. Each visit has been beneficial, with the only aberrations being an improvement on what has been outstanding. This past visit was one of the "aberrations". Thank you for your diagnostic wizardry, and for the "where`d my pain go?" feeling. An early Christmas present. I`d forgotten what it was like to be pain free. Well done, Ashleigh.”
    -Bill Novakowski

    “Ashleigh is highly knowledgeable about the human body and how muscles interact with each other. She can track problem areas to their source and alleviate the symptoms.”
    -Justin Ward