Relaxation Massage

Signature Session 4-Sided Massage

A multi-dimensional approach to treating four sides of the body instead of two, it follows the superficial fascial lines to rebalance the system front-to-back and side-to-side. Many clients benefit from alternating this treatment with more specific bodywork & mobility sessions; or using this during training for/recovery from an athletic event. 

60 minutes - $ 125
75 minutes - $ 150 
90 minutes - $ 175

Swedish Massage

Traditional effleurage strokes are used on two sides of the body (anterior and posterior) to calm the mind and relax the muscles while organic emollients nourish the skin. 

60 minutes - $ 100         
75 minutes - $ 125 
90 minutes - $ 150

Pregnancy Massage       

Pregnancy bodywork addresses back pain, sciatica, lymph movement/swelling, aching feet, relaxation, and more. Work is done on three sides of the body in supported positions. Post-natal work can help any compensation issues that develop during pregnancy; scar tissue from c-sections (at least 6 weeks post-Caesarean and with doctor’s approval); and muscle tension that changes as you begin life with your new family member. All bodywork options at HMT can be adjusted for pre-natal work; I have multiple bolsters and my table lifts and tilts to accommodate pre-natal considerations.

60 minutes- $ 125
75 minutes - $ 150 
90 minutes - $ 175

Therapeutic Cupping can be added to any session by request, or as I see the need.