If you or your team are training for a big event, hosting a clinic is an easy, efficient way for multiple athletes to get work in one setting.

I will come to your training center with my equipment and work for an agreed-upon amount of time or on the agreed-upon number of athletes. If you need recovery work during a competition, you can request a full day of bodywork on-site.


We strive for a balanced seat, but sometimes our muscular compensations (or our horses’!) get the best of us.

Bring me out to your barn for a day of mounted and unmounted assessment and treatment. I will work with each rider for 45-60 minutes, watching him/her ride and then assessing and treating movement and muscle patterns unmounted.

I bring my table (and necessary warming equipment!) for treatment, then watch him/her back in the saddle. Coaches and trainers - call to find out how you can get free bodywork!