Bodywork & Mobility

We begin your session with a discussion of your current and past health. I may assess your posture, gait, single-leg stance, mobility and stability.

Using Neurokinetic Therapy, I will test the muscle patterns that I suspect are leading to your pain or discomfort. I apply myofascial release, cupping, stretching, movement, and other soft tissue techniques to release the facilitated muscles and restricted fascia.

Together, we will work to find appropriate muscle activation for the related inhibited muscles, and we will walk through and/or video for reference your at-home correctives.

These sessions are interactive and require you to move, provide feedback, etc. Please wear comfortable clothing as you will remained clothed for the whole session.


            45 minutes - $75
            60 minutes - $100
            75 minutes - $125
            90 minutes - $150