Ashleigh Howland

I began studying massage therapy in 2011 after seeing the physical and emotional impacts of bodywork for rescue horses. I enjoy the work because it allows me to be physically active, create my own schedule, and fuel my intellectual curiosity while helping other people reach their own goals and live lives with less pain. I spent four years working with the Boston University Men's Ice Hockey team, during which time they had four NCAA Championship Tournament appearances (2014-2018) and myriad players sign professional contracts. Working with Division 1 and professional athletes energized my practice and informed my education, allowing me to bring high-level bodywork to a wider demographic.

What is muscular therapy?  

Muscular Therapy is hands-on muscle manipulation that facilitates a less painful life. It is often considered a luxury; but it is also a legitimate treatment option for aches, pains, injury prevention and recovery. In a world that turns so quickly to medications or elective surgeries, muscular therapy is a non-invasive option to help you improve how you feel and how you function. Muscular therapy pairs well with acupuncture, chiropractic, craniosacral, yoga, fitness training, physical therapy, and many other wellness modalities.

Neurokinetic Therapy

Neurokinetic Therapy is a movement correction system that assesses dysfunctional patterns in the brain-to-muscle communication. Such patterns create imbalance in the body, which leads to impaired function and pain. Ashleigh began studying this motor control-cased approach in 2017 and has certified Level 2, plus assisted in the presentation of several classes around the country.

Applied Yoga Integration (AYI)

Applied Yoga Integration uses yoga poses and breathwork to assess and treat musculoskeletal dysfunction. Ashleigh became a certified Applied Yoga Mobility Therapist in 2019 and is excited to supply clients with specific, accurate, and effective self-care to help their recovery at home and between sessions.

Signature Session 4-Sided Massage

A massage on four sides of the body intended to rebalance the body’s muscular and fascial lines. Usually, you only receive work on the front and back of the body; but you have two other sides and they need work, too! Ashleigh spent a week in Florida in 2016 with professional and Division 1 athletes learning this 4-sided, multi-dimensional treatment. She brought it to the BU Men’s Ice Hockey team with great success.


The gelatinous substance that weaves throughout the body in a continuous sheet, encasing muscles, veins, nerves, bones, and adipose.

Myofascial Release

The compilation of techniques applied to the soft tissues and musculature of the human body to release restrictions and dysfunctions. It is known for its slow, steady progress; and is generally practiced without emollie


Education And Progression

Neurokinetic Therapy Level 3 (16 Hours)
Immaculate Dissection 1, 2, 3 (45 Hours)

Jory Serota’s Applied Yoga Integration (45 Hours)
Tom Karis’ Orthopedic Massage (50 hours)
Jory Serota’s Applied Yoga Integration Seminar (15 Hours)

Thomas Well’s NKT Palpation & Assessment (16 hours)
Neurokinetic Therapy Level 2 (16 hours)

Tom Karis’ Advanced Orthopedic Massage (36 hours)
David Weinstock’s Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1 (16 hours)
Therapeutic Cupping

George Kousaleos’ CORE Myofascial Therapy (40 hours)

John Barnes’ Myofascial Release 1 and Myofascial Unwinding (25 hours)

Tom Karis’ Orthopedic Massage (100 hours).
Became the muscular therapist for Boston University’s Men’s Ice Hockey Team
Relocated HMT to Fitness Together – Ashland; full time sole proprietor

Bamboo Fusion Massage
Opened HMT as a side business.

Graduated from the Cortiva Institute-Boston (750 hour massage program)
Hot Stone Therapy (8 hours)
Carole Osborne Sheets’ Pre/Peri-Natal certification (32 hours)

Graduated Muhlenberg College (BA Media & Communication and American Studies)

If you are interested in more information regarding my training, my mentors, fascia, or myofascial therapies, check out the links below: