Due to Covid-19 Howland Muscular Therapy has closed its doors and opened ONLINE!!

Remote sessions last 20-45 minutes and include a brief interview about health history, especially that which pertains to the injury/area of complaint. Ashleigh does several different movement assessments depending on what area of the body is the focus; and guides clients in self-palpation along bony landmarks and muscles to specify which muscles indicate dysfunction through unusual tone/tenderness. The major assessments Ashleigh uses are toe touch and overhead reach; single leg stance and 1/2 kneeling; shoulder and scapular mobility; and, perhaps most importantly, assessing the breath cycle of a client. 

She can also use muscle testing via movement to determined overworking vs underworking muscles. For example, if rotating the thoracic spine/torso to the left has less range of motion than rotating to the right, we can assume there is an imbalance and seek further information through involving different muscles and movements. This is a variation on the Neurokinetic Therapy manual muscle testing protocol, which looks to correct pain/muscle compensation through the motor control center in the brain, as well as in the soft tissues.

In lieu of using hands-on correction, Ashleigh often assigns breathing-based exercises to re-establish core stability. Issues that occur on both sides of the body can likely be traced to an issue with inter-abdominal pressure; and many extremity issues can also be traced to poor load-share or force-transfer from the gut to the hip/knee/ankle/shoulder. When we start with breathing and rebuilding gut pressure, we follow the evolution that a baby takes as it learns to roll over, quadruped, crawl, squat, stand, and walk. So many of our exercises replicate these movements but lack the proper support and stability before rushing into mobility and power. By going back to the basics and retraining the body to do what it naturally understands (but has forgotten!), Ashleigh can address current injuries, underlying patterns, and help clients to progress their workouts without pain.

Due to the newness of this approach, and to be respectful of clients who may not be working as usual, Ashleigh is using a sliding scale payment system that starts at $20 per session, and can be adjusted at the discretion of each client.


Monday 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Tuesday 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm 
Wednesday 10:30 am - 3:30 pm

Thursday 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Friday 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Saturday 10:30 am - 3:30 pm

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24 hour notice is required to cancel your appointment, unless there is an illness, emergency, or bad weather. Payment for missed appointment is due in full.
Howland Muscular Therapy collects your personal information in order to contact you; and so that Ashleigh may design the safest and most effective therapeutic treatment for you, as is within her scope of practice. Your information is confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party without consent.
Howland Muscular Therapy maintains a professional therapeutic practice, and reserves the right to terminate any session due to a client’s inappropriate behavior, including intoxication or sexual advance. Payment is due in full.
Ashleigh Howland is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and not a Licensed Medical Professional. Bodywork and/or massage are not substitutes for medical care, examination, or diagnosis. It is the responsibility of the client to inform Ashleigh of any changes to your health.

Bodywork & Mobility

We begin your session with a discussion of your current and past health. I may assess your posture, gait, single-leg stance, mobility and stability.

Using Neurokinetic Therapy, I will test the muscle patterns that I suspect are leading to your pain or discomfort. I apply myofascial release, cupping, stretching, movement, and other soft tissue techniques to release the facilitated muscles and restricted fascia.

Together, we will work to find appropriate muscle activation for the related inhibited muscles, and we will walk through and/or video for reference your at-home correctives.

These sessions are interactive and require you to move, provide feedback, etc. Please wear comfortable clothing as you will remained clothed for the whole session.


            45 minutes - $75
            60 minutes - $100
            75 minutes - $125
            90 minutes - $150 


Relaxation Massage

Signature Session 4-Sided Massage

A multi-dimensional approach to treating four sides of the body instead of two, it follows the superficial fascial lines to rebalance the system front-to-back and side-to-side. Many clients benefit from alternating this treatment with more specific bodywork & mobility sessions; or using this during training for/recovery from an athletic event. 

60 minutes - $ 125
75 minutes - $ 150 
90 minutes - $ 175

Swedish Massage

Traditional effleurage strokes are used on two sides of the body (anterior and posterior) to calm the mind and relax the muscles while organic emollients nourish the skin. 

60 minutes - $ 100         
75 minutes - $ 125 
90 minutes - $ 150

Pregnancy Massage       

Pregnancy bodywork addresses back pain, sciatica, lymph movement/swelling, aching feet, relaxation, and more. Work is done on three sides of the body in supported positions. Post-natal work can help any compensation issues that develop during pregnancy; scar tissue from c-sections (at least 6 weeks post-Caesarean and with doctor’s approval); and muscle tension that changes as you begin life with your new family member. All bodywork options at HMT can be adjusted for pre-natal work; I have multiple bolsters and my table lifts and tilts to accommodate pre-natal considerations.

60 minutes- $ 125
75 minutes - $ 150 
90 minutes - $ 175

Therapeutic Cupping can be added to any session by request, or as I see the need. 

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What To Book 

Book Therapeutic Bodywork if you:

    • Have a specific issue or chronic condition
    • Have an injury or are post-surgery
    • Have a sport-specific concern
    • Feel like you are compensating or are out of balance.
    • Are curious about muscle testing
    • Want to try yoga as an assessment and corrective.
    • 45-60-minute appointments are a good place to start

Book Relaxation/4-Sided Massage if you:

    • Want to chill out and unwind
    • Are recovering from or in training for an event
    • Have never experienced massage on four sides of the body
    • Want a fantastic gift idea for someone
    • 75-90-minute sessions are best. 

I still don’t know what to book…  

    • Book a hour appointment of either and after a short consultation at the start of the session, a treatment will be decided. Bring loose-fitting clothing. 

What does each session look like?

  • 4-sided Relaxation Massage

    • Clients receive work in four positions: side-lying left and right, supine, and prone. You will move three times and be bolstered/draped the entire time. 

    • Clients are either undressed and fully draped; or in shorts/gym clothes and not draped

    • Areas such as the ribs, hip abductors/rotators, IT Band, lateral lower leg, hip abductors, and shoulder abductors get more attention than usual given their easy accessibiilty while youre on your side.  

  • Bodywork & Mobility

    • Clients experience range of motion/ gait/ postural assessments and manual muscle testing.

    • As Ashleigh begins to assess your dysfunctional musculo-fascial patterns, shes uses myofascial release, yoga, movement, and props to correct them. 

    • You will move a lot, do not expect to relax or shut your brain off during this session.

    • Corrective homework will be assigned for self care and to teach your body the correct way to be moving, breathing and activating muscles.